BT17 0LT - Northern Ireland (Belfast)

Companies by Postcode

NI621967 formed Dec 2013 Active
NI033962 formed Apr 1998 Active
NI046031 formed Apr 2003 Active
NI621703 formed Nov 2013 Active
NI644080 formed Feb 2017 Active
NI671283 formed Jul 2020 Active
NI644914 formed Mar 2017 Active - Proposal to Strike off
NI610233 formed Dec 2011 Active
NI047140 formed Jul 2003 Active
NI667680 formed Feb 2020 Active
NI665292 formed Oct 2019 Active
NI622941 formed Feb 2014 Active
NI653565 formed Jun 2018 Active
NI673874 formed Nov 2020 Active
NI657678 formed Dec 2018 Active
NI677361 formed Mar 2021 Active
NI622859 formed Feb 2014 Active
NI612308 formed Apr 2012 Active
NI041891 formed Nov 2001 Active
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