BT17 9AE - Northern Ireland (Belfast)

Companies by Postcode

NI637844 formed Apr 2016 Live but Receiver Manager on at least one charge
NI025619 formed Jun 1991 Liquidation
NI055029 formed May 2005 Active
NI635417 formed Dec 2015 In Administration
NI609093 formed Sep 2011 Active - Proposal to Strike off
NI667190 formed Jan 2020 Active
NI641708 formed Oct 2016 Active
NI618712 formed Jun 2013 Active - Proposal to Strike off
NI657176 formed Nov 2018 Active
NI667349 formed Jan 2020 Active
NI044043 formed Sep 2002 Active
NI659317 formed Feb 2019 Active
NI606891 formed Mar 2011 Active
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