BT17 9NU - Northern Ireland (Belfast)

Companies by Postcode

NI007340 formed Aug 1968 Liquidation
NI002599 formed Nov 1948 Active - Proposal to Strike off
NI024648 formed Jul 1990 Active
NI001664 formed Apr 1943 Active
NI002093 formed Jun 1946 Active
NI009398 formed Apr 1973 Active
NI005165 formed Feb 1962 Liquidation
NI001546 formed Feb 1942 Active
NI002635 formed Feb 1949 Liquidation
NI001654 formed Mar 1943 Active
NI001509 formed Aug 1941 Active
NI616311 formed Jan 2013 Active
NI616310 formed Jan 2013 Active
NI001230 formed Mar 1938 Active
NI013530 formed Apr 1979 Liquidation
NI040534 formed Apr 2001 Active
NI012760 formed May 1978 Active
NI005580 formed May 1963 Liquidation
NI003189 formed Feb 1953 Active - Proposal to Strike off
NI004078 formed May 1958 Active
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