BT2 8BG - Northern Ireland (Belfast)

Companies by Postcode

NI665503 formed Oct 2019 Active
NI654803 formed Aug 2018 Active
NI674549 formed Nov 2020 Active
NI604733 formed Oct 2010 Active
NI674512 formed Nov 2020 Active
NI632562 formed Jul 2015 Active
NI029542 formed May 1995 Active
NI032003 formed Feb 1997 Active
NI630606 formed Apr 2015 Active
NI664251 formed Sep 2019 Active
NI624415 formed May 2014 Active
NI041468 formed Aug 2001 Active
NI604734 formed Oct 2010 Active
NI615845 formed Dec 2012 Active
NI073702 formed Sep 2009 Active
NI031841 formed Jan 1997 Active
NI635066 formed Nov 2015 Active
NI636882 formed Mar 2016 Active
NI022315 formed Jan 1989 Active
NI655761 formed Sep 2018 Active - Proposal to Strike off
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