BT51 5HF - Northern Ireland (Belfast)

Companies by Postcode

NI619103 formed Jun 2013 Active
NI654505 formed Jul 2018 Active
NI046770 formed Jun 2003 Active
NI631320 formed May 2015 Active - Proposal to Strike off
NI618922 formed Jun 2013 Active
NI614251 formed Aug 2012 Active
NI614971 formed Oct 2012 Active
NI623351 formed Mar 2014 Active
NI640376 formed Aug 2016 Active
NI618751 formed Jun 2013 Active
NI634845 formed Nov 2015 Active
NI610647 formed Jan 2012 Active
NI609787 formed Nov 2011 Active
NI670166 formed Jun 2020 Active
NI641939 formed Nov 2016 Active
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