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Plans & Pricing

Scroll down for features including 'eliminate mail merge', 'virtual address filtering' and more.

Powerful filtering

Over 50 search filters, allowing for filtering by attributes including location, industry, keywords, incorporation date, shareholders, director details, mortgages, turnover, gross profit, net worth, cash and current liabilities.

Eliminate mail merge

With PDF letter export, you can create letters within our software, exporting the addresses and director names from existing lists customised with your address and logo without the need for mail merge. We also offer a complete letter sending service, where we print and post letters for your selected leads.

Latest director information

Name, shareholding, date of birth, occupation, number of current and resigned company appointments, appointment type (director, secretary etc), nationality, appointment date and status.

Data accuracy

We only provide website URLs, email addresses and telephone numbers that we're sure are accurate. Our competitors don't validate data to the same high standard, which means instead of calling the intended company, you could be calling their web designers.

Location location location

With our location radius search, enter a street, city or post code and the search will return companies or directors within a distance (miles) of the specified location.

  • Distance from location (radius)
  • Constituency
  • Postcode prefix
  • District
  • Country
  • Address keywords

Latest company information

Location details, SIC industry codes, contact details, accounts, directors, company name changes and more.

Timeline visualisation

Visualise company name changes, director and company appointments. Allowing you to understand how the director or company has progressed over time quickly and easily.

Company name changes

Director appointments

Virtual address filtering

The top virtual registered address provider is used by tens of thousands of companies, any marketing mail sent to these addresses will be discarded. With Nexok you can avoid these addresses and even switch them for personal director addresses.

Most relevant directors first

Select director occupation, location, nationality and more. Then order the directors so the most relevant is first (age, least other appointments, shareholding, longest appointment to the company).

Lists and groups

Create groups containing lists and add notes to companies, allowing for multiple users within an account to stay organised and track leads.

Account manager

Nexok is the most powerful UK company filtering system on the market. Our system is designed to be as user friendly as possible, but if you need any assistance, you'll have your own dedicated account manager to call or email for support.

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