BT2 7GA - Northern Ireland (Belfast)

Companies by Postcode

NI028864 formed Oct 1994 Liquidation
NI617267 formed Mar 2013 Active
NI642770 formed Dec 2016 Active
NI047768 formed Sep 2003 Active
NI677451 formed Mar 2021 Active
NI073262 formed Jul 2009 Active
NI032153 formed Mar 1997 Active
NI629878 formed Mar 2015 Active
NI639761 formed Jul 2016 Active
NI020185 formed Feb 1987 Liquidation
NI017033 formed Nov 1983 Liquidation
NI648325 formed Sep 2017 Active
NI629882 formed Mar 2015 Active
NI609253 formed Sep 2011 Active - Proposal to Strike off
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