BT2 8AA - Northern Ireland (Belfast)

Companies by Postcode

NF002275 formed May 1979 Active
NI046043 formed Apr 2003 Active
NI049606 formed Feb 2004 Active
NI618644 formed May 2013 Active
NI604105 formed Aug 2010 Active
NI623404 formed Mar 2014 Active
NI020699 formed Jul 1987 Active
NI603309 formed Jun 2010 Active
NI601172 formed Nov 2009 Active
NL000075 formed Nov 2012 Active
NL000690 formed Jul 2018 Active
NI004408 formed Oct 1959 Active
NI648253 formed Sep 2017 Active - Proposal to Strike off
NI047084 formed Jun 2003 Active
03496618 formed Jan 1998 Dissolved 2001
NI653879 formed Jun 2018 Active
NI653919 formed Jun 2018 Active
NI614689 formed Sep 2012 Active
NI030229 formed Dec 1995 Active
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