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Motorstream Limited


Total Shareholders


Total Shares


Share Value


Annual Returns

2 December 2002Return made up to 09/10/02; full list of members
26 October 2001Return made up to 09/10/01; full list of members
18 October 2000Return made up to 09/10/00; full list of members
  • 363(353) ‐ Location of register of members address changed
  • 363(190) ‐ Location of debenture register address changed
15 October 1999Return made up to 09/10/99; full list of members
13 October 1998Return made up to 09/10/98; no change of members
23 October 1997Return made up to 09/10/97; no change of members
20 October 1996Return made up to 09/10/96; full list of members
12 October 1995Return made up to 09/10/95; no change of members
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