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De Gournay Limited


Mortgage charges satisfied

Mortgage charges part satisfied

Mortgages charges outstanding



21 November 2011Delivered on: 23 November 2011
Persons entitled: Hsbc Bank PLC

Classification: Debenture
Secured details: All monies due or to become due from the company to the chargee on any account whatsoever.
Particulars: Fixed and floating charge over the undertaking and all property and assets present and future, including goodwill, book debts, uncalled capital, buildings, fixtures, fixed plant & machinery.
12 February 1999Delivered on: 25 February 1999
Persons entitled: Adrienne Marie Mayes

Classification: Rent deposit deed
Secured details: Rent deposit of £18,750.00 due or to become due from the company to the chargee under the terms of the lease of even date and the deed.
Particulars: An amount equal to three quarters rent payable under a lease dated 12 february 1999 plus interest from time to time standing to the credit of the deposit account.

Charge Filings

23 November 2011Particulars of a mortgage or charge / charge no: 2
25 February 1999Particulars of mortgage/charge
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