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African Broadcasting Corporation (Abctv) Ltd


Mortgage charges satisfied


Mortgage charges part satisfied

Mortgages charges outstanding

Fully Satisfied

9 September 2002Delivered on: 18 September 2002
Satisfied on: 2 October 2002
Persons entitled: Cmr Group International Limited

Classification: Debenture
Secured details: All monies due or to become due from the company to the chargee under the terms of the aforementioned instrument creating or evidencing the charge.
Particulars: All land that the company aquires in the future all goodwill and uncalled capital all of the following as defined in the debenture securities insurances intellectual property debts rents asset contracts other claims fixed and loose plant and equipment and all other assets.
Fully Satisfied

Charge Filings

2 October 2002Declaration of satisfaction of mortgage/charge
18 September 2002Particulars of mortgage/charge
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